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About Us

Thank you for visiting Ankle Breakers Soccer. Our main goal is to give players the right tools to beat opponents one on one. We believe that the best players in the world are the dribblers,the ones that can unbalance defenders. We want to get players exited about beating defenders by unbalancing (Breaking Ankles) and give them a better chance of helping their teams succeed.

Gerardo Ruiz (Jerry)

Ex-Pro Player and Pro-Coach with experience in Europe, Mexico and the U.S. 

Ironically His career ended too soon because of broken ankles. He now dedicates his skills and talents to coach kids of all ages. If you ever

played against him you know of his abilities to unbalance defenders 1 vs 1 think outside the box and do things on the field that most payers only

think of doing in practice or in their dreams. He is not afraid to do something extraordinary with the ball because of failing at his attempts He has 

often said that you can only succeed by failing many times. Specially when trying out moves on 1 vs 1 situations. Its not about "tricks" but 

mastering abilities and use them repeatedly as tools to make a player look good and make players around him/her look good.